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Today’s customer journey begins with Google and ends with Google Maps.

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Locl provides the expertise and software needed to unlock Google Maps for your business.

Here's how we work as an extension of your team:


People using maps are at the bottom of the sales funnel, ready to purchase. It’s in these micro-moments that you either WIN that customer or LOSE them to a competitor. Categorization, keywords, photos, placement, and amenities can have a huge impact on attracting and converting customers. We will optimize your location listings at scale, doing more than what you think is possible — so you win.

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We start by locating and organizing all of your Google My Business accounts and creating a baseline report of all your locations. This includes:

Account retrieval and access
Instant location verification
Missing location setup
Location verification
Reporting dashboard setup

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Campaigns via Maps

One of the most underutilized features in Maps is social-style posts. This is because there is no scheduling or multi-location publishing capabilities.

With Locl you can extend your social media efforts by publishing content within your Maps listings. You provide the content and we handle the scheduling, publishing, and syndication for you to drive maximum reach and engagement.

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Our proprietary software gives you new insights into your customers’ behavior, engagement and the effectiveness of your mix of marketing efforts. And unlike Google My Business, we allow you to see this in aggregate across all (or select) of your locations. These include:

18+ month data history (vs 90 days, via Google)
Proprietary multi-location aggregate views (vs one at a time, via Google)
Metrics and insights that correlate to revenue
Top 50 zip codes (where your customers are coming from)
and much more…

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Locl is perfect for businesses who rely on foot-traffic to generate revenue.

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